George Farag, PhD

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Dr. George Farag served as a United States Diplomat and Consular Officer. He was appointed to the Diplomatic Service by President G.W. Bush and confirmed by Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.  He served at embassies throughout the Middle East.


George immigrated to America from Egypt with his family. He likes to tell the story of his eighth grade class whistling Walk Like an Egyptian on his first day of school. Raised by a single mother on welfare his family struggled to survive. Since then, many good people inspired George to reach further.


From the roof of his apartment building on September 11, 2001, George witnessed the collapse of the twin towers in New York City.  Like many Americans it was a moment that changed the trajectory of his life.  He decided to serve the country that provided for him and his family years before.  He joined the Diplomatic Corps with the U.S. Department of State.


George was among the first U.S. diplomats to enter Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was also on the Consular Affairs Crisis Response team that evacuated 15,000 Americans from Beirut during the 2006 Lebanon War.


As a Consul George interviewed thousands of people seeking immigrant and non-immigrant visas to come to America. He reviewed and made the final decision on visa applications under U.S. immigration law. 


George holds a U.S. government secret-level security clearance and is the recipient of the Department of State’s Superior Honor Award, the Meritorious Honor Award, and the George P. Schultz Consular Certificate.  He holds a doctoral degree in political anthropology from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University. 


His experience as an immigrant and Consul is the foundation for his upcoming book Pro-American Immigration: A Common Ground in Our Immigration Strategy.