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Former U.S. Diplomat & Immigrant Reveals

The American Side of the Immigration Debate

“Exceptionally informative, impressively written, organized and presented, Pro-American Immigration provides a fresh, timely, and practical perspective on immigration.”

– James Cox, Midwest Book Review


“There is nobody more qualified than Dr. Farag to discuss this issue. This is the premier resource to understanding the state of our immigration policy in laymen terms.”

– Wayne Barber, Award Winning Author’s Hour


"What Dr. Farag is sharing is nothing that the mainstream media discusses.  He brings to the conversation a very positive and unique insight that needs to be included in this debate.” 

- Bill Martinez, The Bill Martinez Show

Why Should You Read This Book?

Reason 1

Find out what you are not being told.

We are bombarded with information about illegal immigration. But there are over a million people who legally immigrate to America each year. This is the majority of immigrants.


I use stories of how my family came to America for you to easily understand birthright citizenship, public charge, the green card lottery, and naturalization.


Weather you are a policy maker or homemaker you need to know the facts. 

George's Bio

Dr. George Farag is an expert in U.S. immigrant and non-immigrant visa policy. He served as a Diplomat and Consular Officer at high risk American embassies abroad and decided on thousands of visa applications. For his service George received the Department of State's Superior Honor Award, the Meritorious Honor Award, and the George P. Schultz Consular Certificate.

George immigrated to American from Egypt with his family.  He understands immigration from both sides of the process and provides a unique perspective on critical immigration issues in the headlines today. 



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